Day Trip from Marrakech to Essaouira


Essaouira: one of the most fascinated Portuguese city achieved on the western coast of Morocco, due to a lot of Characteristics geo historical and features that are designed by the ancestors of Roman, Portuguese, Jewish clans that have been there. It includes two fascinated part that worthy to visit: - The old town that limited by the ramparts and it embraces the history, the art, markets, several old houses that most of them been transformed into Riads, the synagogue, and different arts of the the clan that been there. 

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Besides that Essaouira has a splendid beach that offer opportunities for the mature of the water sports, chiefly the Surfing spot, that benefit from the windy atmosphere that prevails over the city during the whole year. 

Moreover the city considered as an artistic destination, as it organizes a lot of lobbies, parties, festivals , like Festivals Les Alize, and Festival Gnaoua, that take part each year on june, and it came to break that quiet silence that over growing the city in the whole year.

For define all that, we put a daily program to visit Mogador: starting at 8 am from Marrakech, you will reach Essaouira around 11am after many stops in different places and also to see the panoramic vieu of the city.
When you get there you have free visit of the city, so you can visit fishing port, medina, rapart, and the traditional souks. During it, you can have a ride camels or hourses besides the beach.

Note: There are also other option in case you would like to stay longer.
For futher informations about the program and prices, please feel free to contact us.

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